CP Electronics’ EBDSPIR-AT-PRM is a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor combined with a switched output channel. The output channel comprises a mains voltage relay capable of simple on/off switching. Functioning as a presence detector, the unit can turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when the room is empty. Optional settings allow lights to be turned off in response to ambient daylight. The unit also includes stored scenes for versatile manual on / off control of lighting.

The EBDSPIR-AT-PRM can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with other devices as part of a system. The built-in RF transceiver allows wireless communication with all other An-10 compatible products such as the AT-BB-IN switch input unit. The AT-BB-IN is useful for pushbutton scene selection and absence detection.  All functionality is fully programmable.

These compact An-10 detectors provide automatic control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads. The detector can be mounted either flush into a ceiling tile or using a surface mounting box. The low profile design means the unit can be mounted in a narrow ceiling void. No external control boxes are required as the unit is self contained. The simple plug-in connections reduce installation time.

Three variants are available including the EBDSPIR-AT-PRM Wireless (RF) ceiling PIR presence/ absence detector with lux level sensing; EBDSPIR-AT-DD Wireless (RF) ceiling PIR presence/ absence detector with DSI/DALI dimming; and EBDSPIR-AT-AD Wireless (RF) ceiling PIR presence/ absence detector with 1-10 V analogue dimming.



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