WAGO’s 222 Series is now SABS compliant. The compact connectors for all types of conductors have been available on the market for some time and have proven to be indespensable to electrical installers in the field of energy and building technology. Splicing has never been easier. The user simply lifts the orange lever to open the CAGE CLAMP and insert the conductor. The lever clicks as it is lowered, actuating the CAGE CLAMP for superior connectivity. 

Lever actuators used to open or close the clamping units make the 222 Series ideally suited for the connection of lighting fixtures, sunblind and awning motors, pumps, loudspeakers, as well as door and gate controls and many other applications. 

The 5-wire connector, an addition to the 3-wire connector safely connects up to five fine-stranded conductors from 0.08 mm² (AWG 28) to 4 mm² (AWG 12) or solid and stranded conductors up to 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) using the clamping force of the spring. Wires can be connected or removed without using any tools!




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