The GP-3650U and GP-3600U are two 302,5 mm models from Pro-face that have been added to its range of low-reflection, high-brightness touch-screen operator interfaces. These models provide sharp and clear displays even in well-lit locations. 

Both GP-3650U and GP-3600U feature a high-brightness LCD with a LED in the backlight. These specifications provide brightness twice brighter than that of standard models. They save as much power consumption as the standard models as well as contributing to environmental friendliness. 

GP-3650U supports multimedia, and GP-3600U supports CANopen, which is a widespread network, in various industries. These models satisfy the needs from customers who want a larger display or want to display videos, such as commercial messages, or record and play footage from security cameras. 

The 142,5 mm low-reflection, high-brightness model has contributed to expanding the range of applications These include applications for special vehicles, fee-collecting machines installed in parking lots, bike parks and gas stations, chargers for electric vehicles, air-conditioning systems for outdoor use and disaster-prevention facilities installed on the roof of a building.


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