eWON’s Plug’n Route provides machine builders, system integrators and automation engineers with remote access to Ethernet devices to enjoy faster and easier on-site configuration while eliminating the associated IT difficulties.

The Plug’n Route feature aims at simplifying the configuration steps to access Ethernet devices such as PLCs, HMIs, and IP cameras on a machine LAN network through Talk2M. There is no need to reconfigure the device to define the eWON router as a default gateway. 

The Plug’n Route allows all IP traffic to be conveyed and forwarded to its final destination on the remote machine LAN network, making eWON a transparent access to remote Ethernet devices.

eWON offers easy remote access solutions for the automation market. Being the first to have launched, with Talk2M, a cloud platform for Internet remote access, eWON has bridged the gap between automation and IT. 



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