WAGO’s 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers are equipped with screwless connection technology and are available for various primary currents up to 1 000 A.

The 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers are UL recognised components. Suitable for 230 V, 400 V and 690 V low voltage applications, their maximum operating voltage is 1.2 kV. The 855 Series units transform rated primary currents into electrically isolated secondary currents up to 1 A with a measuring accuracy of one percent (accuracy class 1). They can be used in operating temperatures ranging from -5°C to +50°C and may be permanently loaded with up to 120 % of the nominal current.

CAGE CLAMP connection technology provides screwless termination of conductors ranging from 0.08 to 4 mm2 (AWG 28–12). Conductors can be terminated from both the front side and the rear side of the transformers. The 855 Series plastic housing is extremely robust and can be mounted in four different ways: on round cables, on copper current bars, on mounting plates, and  depending on the version, on carrier rails. Plug-in current transformers are well-suited to measuring and processing high currents. Therefore, they are ideal for energy data acquisition via WAGO’s 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules (750 Series) or JUMPFLEX Transducers (857 Series).


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