ReeR’s Pharo Type 3 safety laser scanner is an electro-sensitive protection device for accident prevention. It is suitable for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of hazardous machines and automated guidance vehicles (AGVs). With Pharo it is possible to create programmed horizontal or vertical protective areas of any shape, so as to suit all applications with no need to use reflectors or separate receiving units.

The device does not need any external control unit as all the safety functions are integrated into the unit. Pharo is available with a configuration memory module. The module is integrated inside the main connector and stores all the data related to the programmed protective and warning fields, as well as the set operating parameters. The configuration memory module allows the user to replace a damaged unit with a new one with no need to re-programme the unit. This allows the device to store the original configuration, with no possibility of error or manipulation. The stored data can only be modified by authorized personnel, who hold the correct passwords. It is also possible to use the scanner’s measurement data as a navigation aid for Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGVs) or for the dimensional survey of objects.

Pharo has a190º scanning field with a maximum radius of 4 m for the protective field, 20 m for the warning field, and 49 m for the measuring field. It has five configurable resolution options for hand, body and access control. Configuration software is through the RS 232 serial interface.



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