Pro-face’s CameraViewer EX software is developed to display and record live video of industrial operations on a remote PC. The software remotely displays, records and plays back live video to a computer with CameraViewer EX.   The high quality video output ensures a crisp and clear image resolution from the remote PC or on a corresponding HMI connected to an automated control operation.  Ethernet connection makes it easy and affordable to monitor and service from multiple support locations.

The live video feed provides additional security into hard-to-reach or dangerous areas of an industrial operation.  For hazardous operational video monitoring, CameraViewer EX brings the image safely away from the hazard to the operator through a Pro-face HMI, keeping the workforce safe.  It is also possible to monitor the same image from a remote location and show equipment operators the exact procedures to operate the machine safely.

Video playback in conjunction with live control of the Pro-face HMI from a remote location yields a reduction in travel support costs and machine shutdown time.  From a remote location, the user can watch or record a video of disturbances in his operation and provide diagnostic servicing of the equipment.   

The additional cost of implementing streaming video into an industrial operation is minimal by using a Pro-face solution.  This translates into significant cost savings to any company that wishes to remotely access, control, and view live video.



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