The Pro-face AGP3200A is a multi-port 3.8” dedicated operator interface touchscreen ideal for OEMs and end-users requiring a powerful, compact, yet flexible HMI.  It offers ultra fast application transfer, 10 times faster than conventional HMIs.

A host of features include Ethernet, USB, RS232, 422, and 485 serial ports. With Pro-face’s network connectivity, the AGP3200A supports two simultaneous protocols allowing communications and data collection from two different 3rd party controllers. By combining the optional ProServer EX data collection software and the AGP3200, it becomes one of the most versatile 3.8″ HMIs available.

The AGP3200A has an amber LCD display or a 256-colour, clear, bright, high-resolution TFT display. It provides high performance CPU for ultra-fast screen refresh and data sampling, a maintenance-free LED back lit display, as well as high-definition part images and multi-language support.



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