CP Electronics’ latest MWS1A series of microwave presence detector switches are designed to provide automatic control of lighting, heating or ventilation loads. The MWS1A detects movement using a highly sensitive microwave detector. This works by emitting low power microwave signals and measuring the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects. The MWS1A is optimised for wall mounting applications to give detection over long distances.

When movement is detected the load is turned on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period. The internal light sensor provides additional energy saving in lighting applications. When an area is occupied lighting is only switched on when the level of natural light is below a preset level.

Three variants are available: MWS1A-PRM with mains voltage, switched live contact; MWS1A-PRM-VFC with mains voltage, isolated changeover contact; and MWS1A-PRM-LV with low voltage, isolated changeover contact.

MWS1A offers the lowest standby power consumption achieved by any microwave detector on the market today. Delivering presence and absence control, the MWS1A allows configuration via an easy to operate, infrared handset. The MWS1A’s unique design allows override/activation by a simple hand motion in front of the unit that does not require any actual contact with the unit if the system is in ‘absence mode’ and lighting is required.



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