WAGO has developed a new, high-performance IP67 sercos coupler. The SPEEDWAY 767 Series coupler links the fieldbus level to the sercos V1.2 real-time Ethernet fieldbus system. The 767-1311 coupler supports all sercos cycle times and can be easily integrated into the sercos system using the efficient and standardized sercos profiles and device description (SDDML).


The coupler is also equipped with eight local high-speed digital inputs with a 10 µs scanning cycle, making it compatible with 31.25µs sercos cycles. A wide range of WAGO I/O modules can be connected to the SPEEDWAY Coupler. Together with the new, synchronous high-speed I/O modules, SPEEDWAY allows for ‘hard’ real-time applications with I/O cycles of a mere 250 µs.


As with all SPEEDWAY products, the coupler provides cabinet-free, machine-mount automation. The I/O modules can be placed away from the sercos coupler, making it possible to expand the system up to 200 m. This enables digital and analog I/O modules to be installed directly next to sensors and actuators.


With 10 µs high-speed synchronization, the new 767-1311 sercos III Coupler is ideal for motion control applications.




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