Out-of-the box Monitoring Solution for GENERATORS

Monitor all equipment on-site

Remote Monitoring and Control of Power Generators and Fuel Tanks. Make sure your genset is ready to start when needed! No matter which brand of control panel you are using, Argos gives you online access to your genset, 24/7/365.

Quick Commissioning

Full awareness about genset status after just 15 minutes of configuration:


• Is the backup generator in auto mode?
• Did any genset fail to start when needed?
• What is the status of the battery?
• Do I need to refill the fuel tank?
• Wizard-based configuration for Control Panels, UPS, transfer
switches, sensors etc.
• Proven with industry-leading genset control panels
• Library of pre-configured dashboards, alarms, and reports

Turnkey Asset Monitoring



 Built-in GPS provides positioning, tracking and geofencing, suitable for mobile equipment.

• Netbiter tank sensor for fuel level monitoring and theft detection

• Device management for inventory and updates

Worldwide Asset Views

• View and monitor all your gensets in a single centralized dashboard with key genset parameters

• Map view provides online/offline status and alarm conditions

Automatic Reports

• Selected parameters presented as PDF or Excel

• Schedule reports weekly or monthly


• Two-factor authentication
• TLS (SSL) data encryption
• Hosted on Amazon Web Services (ISO27001 SOC1/SSAE16/ISA E 3402, SOC2)
• WAN/LAN Separation on gateway
• Security Monitored – 24/7/365

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