Ewon has introduced a new alert functionality of its Talk2M application. This multi-award-winning software provides a cloud-based secure communication tunnel between the user and the remote machine. Operators used Talk2M to respond to problems and access PLCs remotely. Now, the machine can talk directly to the operator, by sending an email or SMS via Talk2M. There is now communication in both directions between the machine and the user.

This new system of alerts provided via Talk2M improves the existing event notification system. Machines that are connected to a local network will be able to send alerts transparently to Talk2M, which will pass them on.

Alert and diagnostic functions are, of course, not new. All these functions were included in the CD router family, and it was even possible to send alert emails via the router. However, there were two problems.  Firstly, an SMS could only be sent via a modem that had SMS capability. Many Ewon routers connected to the internet via the local network, and did not have a modem. Email alerts required a dedicated SMTP server. 

These functions will be installed as standard in both versions (Free + and Pro) of Talk2M. Sending emails is completely free of charge. However, when sending SMS, the user will need to pay, depending on the charges levied by the mobile operator. 

Talk2M Graphic

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