WAGO has streamlined its 750-830 BACnet controller’s software, making system-wide integration and configuration even easier.


The latest version of the BACnet controller not only supports text messages, which are displayed in plain text on the management level, but also two additional object types: ‘Loop’ for control algorithms and ‘Event Enrollment’ for various alarm queries. Another new feature allows the user to create ‘Trend Log’ and ‘Calendar’ dynamic objects during runtime. This eliminates the need for a system reboot, as well as an external integrator, which is no longer required for this task. A device manager was also added to the BACnet Configurator, considerably simplifying object configuration and allowing tabular data processing.


The 750-830 BACnet Controller’s standard operation, which allows a BACnet object to be automatically generated for each standard I/O signal, has received two significant upgrades. Firstly, I/O modules can be subsequently added or removed from a fieldbus node without any shifting of the object entities. Secondly, physical values can be scaled directly in the form of analog input/output objects. Additional analog value objects are no longer required in CoDeSys, while considerably simplifying mass-processing of data points and integration into external systems.



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