SENSOLUX solar presence detector from PEHA, provides environmentally friendly light control in private and commercial buildings; the lights are switched on when presence is detected. Once a specified light value has been reached, the lighting can be switched off, saving energy over the long term by means of a simple upgrade or retrofit. The SENSOLUX solar presence detector sets new standards in planning; the lack of any wiring or batteries reduces cable routing, plastering and painting costs considerably.

The SENSOLUX solar-presence detector derives its energy from solar cells. When fully charged, the detector can run for several days in complete darkness. The presence detector registers the presence of persons and measures the current light level. This data is sent by radio to the SENSOLUX receiver. The parameters are set on the 2-channel receiver and two series of lights can be controlled individually. For use in rooms without daylight, the presence detector can optionally be equipped with 2 alkaline batteries (AAA) with a life span of 8 to 10 years.

The user can at any time switch the lighting on or off via conventional or Easyclick radio control buttons. In semi-automatic mode, the lighting is switched on manually and switched off via the presence detector. The light-on time, light level, daylight or twilight parameters can be set in both modes.

By using EnOcean radio technology, the optimum demand-driven lighting features state-of-the-art radio technology. The SENSOLUX system offers maximum convenience and comfort when automatic and energy efficient lighting control is required.

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