WAGO’s Pilot-Boxes control and monitor the entire charging process, permitting communication

between electric vehicles (EVs) and their power supplies.

WAGO’s 879-101 and 879-111 Pilot-Boxes are control units for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). They have been developed as integral components for distribution boxes, wall boxes or charging stations. Both Pilot-Boxes meet the following functional requirements for charging mode 3 according to IEC 61851 and VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2: automatic selection of charging power rate; continuous ground conductor contact monitoring; system activation/deactivation; and checking for proper EV connection.

In addition, the Pilot-Boxes control both maximum charging current and ventilation requirements during charging, while locking/unlocking the charging plug. In the event of a power failure, an integrated emergency release immediately unlocks the plug.

The 879-101 Pilot-Box supports connection ‘Case B’ and is designed for installation in EVSE featuring a socket outlet for EV charging via the detachable cable. The 879-111 Pilot-Box supports connection ‘Case C’ and is used in EVSE carrying a permanently attached charging cable instead of a socket outlet. Both control units are designed without a billing system for standard applications in private EVSE equipment. Furthermore, Pilot-Boxes equipped with a control logic such as a PLC, feature additional charging functions, simplifying applications at public locations.



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