WAGO’s new 753-647 I/O module not only controls 64 DALI actuators, but also connects to up to 64 sensors. This eliminates the need for installing a sensor-only parallel bus. Reduced installation time and a clearer network structure help increase DALI’s operational efficiency.

WAGO’s focus on user-friendliness drove the design and development of the 753-647 module. Firstly, the graphic configuration interface expedites and simplifies commissioning and management of DALI networks. The software’s most prominent features are a simplified project overview, optimized device addressing, efficient volume processing and comprehensive functions for data backup and restoring. Secondly, an ‘easy mode’ can control the most varying switching and dimming functions and light scenes within the network solely through control of digital data points,  for devices and groups alike. This enables DALI lights to be controlled without any complex programming.

A 12 mm wide module (753-620) provides 200mA power supply to each DALI module. Generally, a single controller operates several DALI modules within a project. WAGO has developed a cost-effective solution for this. An external 230V DIN 35 rail mount power supply (787-1007) provides an output current of 1100 mA, enough to supply up to five parallel modules within a fully equipped system.


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