WAGO’s new Linect connector is designed for the external connection of standard lighting installations. The Linect 770-6229 connector offers all the benefits of a pluggable lighting connector. It connects to standard electrical building installations and snaps onto the Linect light from the outside. This makes light replacement a ‘snap’ for maintenance or retrofits, while requiring no electrical circuit interruption. The 3-pole Linect connector is protected against mismating and is equipped with CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology. It is designed for any conductor type (solid, stranded and fine-stranded) up to 2.5mm²/AWG 14 and a maximum nominal current of 24 A.

In addition to designers, electricians and wholesalers, light manufacturers will also benefit from the new Linect connector. Lights no longer need to be opened or specially prepared by the manufacturer for connection from the outside using special elements. 



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