The eWON 2101CD and 4101CD have been designed for system integrators in utilities/infrastructure projects and machine builders /OEMs. They offer full Internet access to remote PLCs or automation devices through their serial and/or Ethernet port.

Seamlessly integrated with many PLC programming environments, the routers are the perfect platform to collect data into internal tags, generate alarm notifications and buffer data into files. They also feature tunneling functions for regular or permanent Internet connection.

The eWON 2101CD and 4101CD have a built-in Web server for configuration/HMI purposes and FTP functionalities for remote download/upload of data and configuration files. They are Talk2M ready. Machine builders and OEMs, like system integrators, will use Talk2M to take full advantage of broadband or mobile Internet to remotely connect to their machines and installations worldwide. As simple as a mouse click, this web connectivity service is secured by VPN and provides reliable communication at a reasonable cost.

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