The PS-4000B from Pro-face is a built-in computer for industrial use. It is equipped with an advanced high-speed Dual Core CPU Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz which has become a standard CPU in common PCs, as well as PCI Express, a high-speed bus, in an expansion slot. With these high-speed components, PS-4000B is suited for high-performance machines such as printing machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and others which require high-speed processing of production data.

Various models are available, and some are equipped with Windows 7 the most advanced OS available. This provides an easy change of system configuration at production sites where the introduction of the same advanced OS as is being used at the office is under consideration. For network communication, a 2-port of high-speed 1 gigabit Ethernet interface provides fast communication of production information to the office, and control information to the production site.


In addition, a large heat sink and intelligent fan control contribute to a long-term use of parts, and fan-less models, which realize stable machine operation and provide significant reduction of maintenance time. Thanks to the modular structure, users can select the best option from a wide variety of models which meet their requirements, and maintenance can be performed easily from the front of the computer.



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