One of the aims of energy monitoring is to provide industrial organizations, especially companies with large energy consumption, with a monitoring tool to reduce their energy expenses. In most cases, the information available from the main electricity meter does not allow verification of the accuracy of the data on the electricity bill or even the identification of major energy consumers inside the factory.  

In addition to evident cost savings on annual energy expenditures, there is also increasing pressure from large organizations to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020. Quantifying consumption is a technical prerequisite for taking control of energy consumption.  

The eWON 4102 industrial router provides suitable hardware for system integrators who are looking for a complete turnkey solution for energy metering and monitoring. The eWON unit is capable of collecting and storing data coming from the utility meters (gas, electricity, and water) and can support two interface modes for system versatility:  pulse counting and Modbus.

For this purpose, the eWON 4102 industrial router provides up to eight digital inputs for connection to pulse output meters. Another option is to use Modbus to connect an external I/O module directly to an eWON 4101CD or 4102 industrial router. This solution supports a large number of connections, with up to 40 metering stations, since most of the time users want to retrieve data originating from secondary meters that, unlike the main electricity meter do not provide a pulse output. This approach allows an eWON industrial router to perform data acquisition and logging for sensors, secondary electricity meters, power quality instruments, and so on. After the data has been acquired and logged, the eWON unit forwards it to a central database at defined intervals. Using mobile technology, such as GPRS or EDGE, allows this process to be independent of the customer’s landline infrastructure. 

In the database, raw pulses are converted into data based on physical units, and a web interface enables the display of customer consumption figures (active and reactive power, statistics, etc.).

The eWON 4102 industrial router provides a complete, standard, open and reliable M2M solution for automatic meter reading. It enables automatic collection of data from water meters and/or energy meters (gas or electricity) and transfers this data to a central database for billing and/or analysis. The ability to log data from internal I/O ports or external modules (via RS232) and forward the data to a central location makes the eWON 4102 and 4101CD industrial routers suitable for use as standard products for interfacing with any desired user-defined higher-level application. This approach can be used with any desired communication media and supports fast deployment via FTP.    



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