ReeR’s EOS4 compact safety light curtain is designed for the protection of machine tools such as presses, punches, cutters, shears, robotised areas, assembly lines and assembly machines. The unit has a very small dead zone, which is only present on one side. This allows the EOS4 to maintain resolution up to 30 mm if installed on a plane, and up to 40 mm if installed at 90° against another EOS unit.

The Reer EOS4 is available in X and A versions: the X version has an integrated start-restart interlock and external contactor monitoring (EDM), while version A is equipped with an automatic restart. The EOS4 is available in a variety of models, including units with a resolution of 14 mm for finger protection, 30 and 40 mm for hand detection, 50 and 90 mm resolution for presence detection in a hazardous area, and 90 mm resolution with 2, 3, or 4 beams for access control.

The EOS4 feature selectable maximum scanning distances of 4 m or 12 m and up to 20 m for H models. They have two PNP safety static outputs protected from short-circuits and overloads. Power supply is 24 V dc ± 20%, using M12, 5-pole connectors (emitter, A-versions receiver) and M12, 8-pole connectors (X versions receiver). Up to three light curtains can be connected in a master/slave set-up.

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