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WAGO has developed a new, high-performance IP67 sercos coupler. The SPEEDWAY 767 Series coupler links the fieldbus level to the sercos V1.2 real-time Ethernet fieldbus system. The 767-1311 coupler supports all sercos cycle times and can be easily integrated into the sercos system using the efficient and standardized sercos profiles and device description (SDDML).


The coupler is also equipped with eight local high-speed digital inputs with a 10 µs scanning cycle, making it compatible with 31.25µs sercos cycles. A wide range of WAGO I/O modules can be connected to the SPEEDWAY Coupler. Together with the new, synchronous high-speed I/O modules, SPEEDWAY allows for ‘hard’ real-time applications with I/O cycles of a mere 250 µs.


As with all SPEEDWAY products, the coupler provides cabinet-free, machine-mount automation. The I/O modules can be placed away from the sercos coupler, making it possible to expand the system up to 200 m. This enables digital and analog I/O modules to be installed directly next to sensors and actuators.


With 10 µs high-speed synchronization, the new 767-1311 sercos III Coupler is ideal for motion control applications.




ReeR’s Janus J-WT safety light curtain with IP67 watertight housing is ideal for applications in wet and steamy conditions such as those found in the food industry, cold rooms and other washdown environments. The devices are also an ideal solution for high-risk industrial applications.

Models are available with protected heights from 160 to 1 810 mm. The range meets IP 67 protection requirements and has an operating temperature range from -10 to 55 °C. The housing will tolerate water pressure (jets) up to 40 bar.

The Janus J-WT has up to a 60 m range, with two-, three- or four-beam body detection and 40 mm hand resolution options.

The device has two self-testing solid state PNP 100 mA at 24 V dc safety outputs with short circuit, overload and polarity reversal protection. In addition there is a seven-segment display and LEDs  indicate the light curtain’s status. Diagnostic, automatic or manual restart is selectable.



CP Electronics’ latest MWS1A series of microwave presence detector switches are designed to provide automatic control of lighting, heating or ventilation loads. The MWS1A detects movement using a highly sensitive microwave detector. This works by emitting low power microwave signals and measuring the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects. The MWS1A is optimised for wall mounting applications to give detection over long distances.

When movement is detected the load is turned on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period. The internal light sensor provides additional energy saving in lighting applications. When an area is occupied lighting is only switched on when the level of natural light is below a preset level.

Three variants are available: MWS1A-PRM with mains voltage, switched live contact; MWS1A-PRM-VFC with mains voltage, isolated changeover contact; and MWS1A-PRM-LV with low voltage, isolated changeover contact.

MWS1A offers the lowest standby power consumption achieved by any microwave detector on the market today. Delivering presence and absence control, the MWS1A allows configuration via an easy to operate, infrared handset. The MWS1A’s unique design allows override/activation by a simple hand motion in front of the unit that does not require any actual contact with the unit if the system is in 'absence mode' and lighting is required.



WAGO's new 753-647 I/O module not only controls 64 DALI actuators, but also connects to up to 64 sensors. This eliminates the need for installing a sensor-only parallel bus. Reduced installation time and a clearer network structure help increase DALI’s operational efficiency.

WAGO's focus on user-friendliness drove the design and development of the 753-647 module. Firstly, the graphic configuration interface expedites and simplifies commissioning and management of DALI networks. The software's most prominent features are a simplified project overview, optimized device addressing, efficient volume processing and comprehensive functions for data backup and restoring. Secondly, an ‘easy mode’ can control the most varying switching and dimming functions and light scenes within the network solely through control of digital data points,  for devices and groups alike. This enables DALI lights to be controlled without any complex programming.

A 12 mm wide module (753-620) provides 200mA power supply to each DALI module. Generally, a single controller operates several DALI modules within a project. WAGO has developed a cost-effective solution for this. An external 230V DIN 35 rail mount power supply (787-1007) provides an output current of 1100 mA, enough to supply up to five parallel modules within a fully equipped system.


ReeR’s Pharo Type 3 safety laser scanner is an electro-sensitive protection device for accident prevention. It is suitable for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of hazardous machines and automated guidance vehicles (AGVs). With Pharo it is possible to create programmed horizontal or vertical protective areas of any shape, so as to suit all applications with no need to use reflectors or separate receiving units.

The device does not need any external control unit as all the safety functions are integrated into the unit. Pharo is available with a configuration memory module. The module is integrated inside the main connector and stores all the data related to the programmed protective and warning fields, as well as the set operating parameters. The configuration memory module allows the user to replace a damaged unit with a new one with no need to re-programme the unit. This allows the device to store the original configuration, with no possibility of error or manipulation. The stored data can only be modified by authorized personnel, who hold the correct passwords. It is also possible to use the scanner’s measurement data as a navigation aid for Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGVs) or for the dimensional survey of objects.

Pharo has a190º scanning field with a maximum radius of 4 m for the protective field, 20 m for the warning field, and 49 m for the measuring field. It has five configurable resolution options for hand, body and access control. Configuration software is through the RS 232 serial interface.



ReeR’s Admiral optoelectronic safety barrier is designed to protect workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines. Admiral, with its two safe static outputs, can work without external control units with all the safety functions integrated inside the emitter and the receiver complying perfectly with the requirements of the European Standard EN 61496-1 and the International Standard IEC 61496-1-2.


Four models are available: resolution 14 and 20 mm for finger detection; resolution 30 and 40 mm for hand detection; resolution 50 and 90 mm for presence detection in a hazardous area; and resolution 90 mm with 2, 3, and 4 beams for access control.

Admiral has a selectable maximum scanning distance of 6 m or 18 m, a seven-segment display for signaling and functional diagnosis, correct alignment and beam status indicating LEDs and safety static outputs protected from short circuits and overloads.


Admiral is ideal for protecting workers using presses, punching and drinking machines, cutters and shears, robotised areas, assembly lines and palletising systems.