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The EOS family of safety barriers with a cross section of only 28 x 30 mm is one of the smallest ever to be developed. Designed for applications where space and cost savings are crucial, the EOS features a 'no dead zone' on one side. This allows 90º installation while maintaining minimum 40 mm resolution.


Admiral optoelectronic safety barrier protects workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines. Admiral with its two safe static outputs can work without external control units and complies perfectly with the requirements of the European and International Standards.


Janus M range of muting light barriers has been designed specifically for protecting personnel in material handling applications, such as palletizing, machine conveying, wrapping, loading/unloading, and robotic applications. Anywhere muting is integral to the flow of material, the Janus M is the right choice.


Vision MXL Type 2 light curtains with integrated muting and control functions feature a restart interlock and a feedback input for control of external relays integrated in the receiver. Wiring is easy with standard cables and M12 or M16 connectors. The low cost versions are available for ranges up to 8 m and in the most common resolutions.


Pharo Type 3 safety laser scanner is an optoelectronic device for accident prevention. It is suitable for protecting personnel exposed to risks deriving from machines and systems with dangerous components, as well as possible collisions with automatic guided vehicles. Pharo creates horizontal or vertical protection areas through programming or self-teaching, up to amplitude of 190°.


Safety photocell for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines (according to category 2). Used in conjunction with the AU SX or the AU SXM control units, Ilion forms a type 2 photoelectric safety system in compliance with the Standards EN 61496-1 and IEC 61496-1-2.


Photoelectric safety barrier for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines. Used in conjunction with the AU S-TWIN or the AU S3M2 control unit, the Ulisse UNC model forms a type 2 photoelectric safety system designed in compliance with the European Standard EN 61496-1 and the International Standard IEC 61496-1-2.


Metron automation, control and measurement light curtain can provide real time information to a PLC or PC. It is able to detect the presence or absence of objects, perform a count, detect a position, shape or profile, as well as measure dimensions.


MOSAIC is a modular and configurable safety controller capable of monitoring many safety sensors and commands at the same time. These can be safety light curtains, safety photocells, emergency stops, safety mats, magnetic or mechanical safety switches, two-hand controls and similar devices.