Since 1975 Shorrock Automation has specialised in Process Control and Factory Automation. Shorrock Automation is a leading supplier of Industrial Networking Systems, Automation Systems and Services for the Process Industries, as well as Control Systems for General Industries.


From the original WAGO push-in connector for junction boxes to the WINSTA® connector for the building installation, WAGO offers a comprehensive program with innovative spring-operated clamping technology.


It looks like a push-wire connector for junction boxes. It is as small as a push-wire connector for junction boxes. It is protected against accidental contact like a push-wire connector for junction boxes. It has a test point like a push-wire connector for junction boxes. And yet, it can do much more:


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Due to their testing and approval as isolated Compact Connectorss per VDE 0606, the lighting connectors of the Series 224 can be used in applications where a connection between solid and flexible conductors is required.


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WAGO push-wire connectors for junction boxes, compact connectors for flexible conductors, connectors for EIB bus couplers.


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This new connector series has been developed specifically to minimize the connection costs of electrical devices.


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WAGO o0ffers a number of individual variants of ballast devices and capacitor terminals. A tailor-made solution will be available upon request.


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With plug-in connection. Series-capable individual terminals and terminal strips for PCBs. Terminal blocks for PCBs, combination PCB terminal blocks.


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Plug-in connector system and plug-in connectors with phase selection for rail lighting. Blade-type connector (IDC) for the feed-through wiring and plug-in connector for lighting load circuit.


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The 294 Series and 294 Linect® are power supply terminals used for connecting lighting fixtures and other devices. These terminals can be used anywhere in the world and accommodate solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors.


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Device connecting terminals with CAGE CLAMP® S for a cost-minimizing connection of electrical devices. Series-capable individual terminals with CAGE CLAMP® connector and fixing flanges, compact block terminal strips with CAGE CLAMP® COMPACT-connector.


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