Since 1975 Shorrock Automation has specialised in Process Control and Factory Automation. Shorrock Automation is a leading supplier of Industrial Networking Systems, Automation Systems and Services for the Process Industries, as well as Control Systems for General Industries.



The GP2000 Series Programmable Operator Interface allows the user to share a wide range of production information throughout his company in real-time. This shared base of technical data ensures a rapid response to customer requests, supports on-time delivery management, and maximizes overall business efficiency. Furthermore, the GP2000 serves as a factory automation gateway that supports global business needs via the Internet.


As demands increase in every field for systems that can capitalize on today's IT advantages, everyone finds themselves looking for the next solution. The Pro-face GLC Series offers exactly that, with a concept that revolutionizes operation and display panels by placing all control functions at your fingertips. Ethernet-ready, this sophisticated series brings new advances to the area of information control as well.


Pro-face offers a line of Basic, Standard and High-Performance industrial PC products with integrated touch screens to match budget and application environments. Their High-Performance PCs are designed to withstand the rugged requirements of high temperature, shock and vibration environments typically found on an industrial automation floor. Certifications include CE, cUL, UL, Class 1 Div 2 hazardous ratings. Most importantly, High-Performance PCs offer the longest product availability minimising product changeover and upgrades.


Pro-face Flat Panel Monitors offer a wide range of display sizes, from 10.4" to 19" TFT colour with enhanced resolution. They are all extensively certified and with Pro-face Investment Protection, the user can minimise product migration costs by maintaining hardware cutout compatibility as new models join the family.


The Programmable Information Terminals ease information exchange between production lines and management offices. Using the world's most popular operator interfaces, they provide easy touch-panel operation over graphic displays, connection with a variety of industrial controllers and easy maintenance with program-less screen creation. Data can be exchanged with popular applications such as Excel and Access.


HMI/Control development software creates full HMI application and control logic. HMI projects can be built with GP Pro EX the software that covers the complete range of HMI functionality such as visualization, logic logging and communication. Powerful projects can be created with this all-in-one project development package.