Since 1975 Shorrock Automation has specialised in Process Control and Factory Automation. Shorrock Automation is a leading supplier of Industrial Networking Systems, Automation Systems and Services for the Process Industries, as well as Control Systems for General Industries.

PCB Terminal Blocks

Greatest diversity by the market leader in PCB connections to their device environment. Of course, in screw-less connection technology, with CAGE CLAMP®, push-wire or the versatile CAGE CLAMP® S connection.


Greatest diversity from the technology leader! WAGO offers a comprehensive program of PCB terminal blocks for the connection of PCBs in your device environment.


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Series-capable socket terminals, plug-in connectors for EIB bus coupler and MICRO connecting terminals for EIB applications, 2-wire socket terminal blocks. With plug-in clamp connector.


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WAGO engineers set out to challenge established technologies. Innovation and determination have enabled them to change wiring with a radically new electrical connection design.


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Feed-through terminals and terminal strips with CAGE CLAMP® connection. For PCBs as frontplate feed-through for external conductor connection.


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Reflow soldering is the standard method for soldering SMD components.


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Pluggable wiring of function modules with the WAGO MULTI CONNECTOR SYSTEM MICRO, MINI, MIDI with CAGE CLAMP® connector.


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Synthesis from PCB terminals and plug-in connectors with CAGE CLAMP® connection. For the safe integration of PCB modules in the system wiring.


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Perfectly plugged-in, even on the PCB. For a simple connection of electronic modules in the building installation. Direct plugging of single-wire conductors with the CAGE CLAMP® S connector.


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Tapping plug-in connector with blade-type / CAGE CLAMP® connector, for e.g. elevator engineering. 10- and 20-pole plug-in connection with CAGE CLAMP® connector for e.g. withdrawable units.


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