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Pro-face has introduced low cost HMI Ethernet graphic operator interfaces to its GP4100 Series. The new models feature full graphic and touch operation capability and are equipped with 85 mm, 16-grayscale and high-resolution 200 x 80 pixel displays and USB interfaces.

The GP4100 Series offer high quality screens with expanded support of Windows images, and Bitmap fonts can be made even on a small HMI display. Two types of three-colour LED backlights, green, orange and red or white, pink and red can provide operators with an easy-to-see operational status.

There are three types of communication models, RS-232C, RS422 and RS-485, with selectable isolation for the choice of controller and application requirements. Useful new functions to support the small-sized HMI, such as scrolling display of alarm messages, history logging of alarms, recipe functions and clock synchronization with controller data provide full functionality for HMI.

Two USB interfaces, Type A and mini-B are standard, as well as support for data transfer from a PC via the mini-B port. Support for a USB memory data transfer via the Type A interface does not require a setup engineer to take a PC to the factory floor to update its programs. The Type A interface can be used to connect various devices, such as a USB code reader and serial communication device via a USB-SIO conversion cable.

GP4100 Series is supported with a new GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.6. editor software. The limited edition of the software can be tested using the free download service from the Pro-face web site.


ReeR's EOS4 compact safety light curtain is designed for the protection of machine tools such as presses, punches, cutters, shears, robotised areas, assembly lines and assembly machines. The unit has a very small dead zone, which is only present on one side. This allows the EOS4 to maintain resolution up to 30 mm if installed on a plane, and up to 40 mm if installed at 90° against another EOS unit.

The Reer EOS4 is available in X and A versions: the X version has an integrated start-restart interlock and external contactor monitoring (EDM), while version A is equipped with an automatic restart. The EOS4 is available in a variety of models, including units with a resolution of 14 mm for finger protection, 30 and 40 mm for hand detection, 50 and 90 mm resolution for presence detection in a hazardous area, and 90 mm resolution with 2, 3, or 4 beams for access control.

The EOS4 feature selectable maximum scanning distances of 4 m or 12 m and up to 20 m for H models. They have two PNP safety static outputs protected from short-circuits and overloads. Power supply is 24 V dc ± 20%, using M12, 5-pole connectors (emitter, A-versions receiver) and M12, 8-pole connectors (X versions receiver). Up to three light curtains can be connected in a master/slave set-up.


A Bluetooth Ethernet Gateway (758-915) joins the range of WAGO automation products. The new gateway transparently transfers Ethernet protocols (e.g., PROFINET, MODBUS/TCP or EtherNet/IP) via Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth2.0). Two gateways replace the standard communication line between two automation systems.

The internal circularly polarized antenna provides a reliable radio connection, even in heavily metallic environments. With its compact IP65 housing (66 x 36.2 x 91 mm) and standard M12 connectors, the gateway is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, while meeting a variety of installation requirements.

Standard Bluetooth wireless technology for 2.402 to 2.480 GHz ISM band achieves a range of up to 400 m. Both frequency hopping and low emission mode allows operation in environments including other wireless systems (e.g., WLAN). The gateway's pushbutton simplifies wireless connection between two automation systems. Additional configurations such as password and IP addresses may be performed via Web-based management. Bluetooth technology is capable of replacing wired transmission systems wherever they are difficult or even impossible to implement, for example, in slip ring applications, mobile drive or high-bay storage systems.

The new Bluetooth Ethernet Gateway from WAGO provides wireless Ethernet protocol transmission, allowing applications wherever wired systems are too difficult or even impossible to implement.


Green-i is a new 'intelligent' range of energy-saving controls offering unparalleled versatility to lighting control. With the ability to save energy by automatically switching off the lights, remote control operation and scene selection, Green-i offers a host of easily configurable features to give users real control over their lighting.

Ideal for replacing existing switches as well as new installations, the low profile, contemporary-styled Green-i is available in single and dual gang configurations in two styles with a choice of colours and finishes. It can be supplied with combined PIR sensor and photocell, or as a standard remote control dimmer.

When a room is vacated, the occupancy detector will switch off lighting after a time determined by the user - up to 30 minutes. Switching back on can be automatic when occupancy is detected, or manually - the latter being best for bedrooms so that nocturnal movements do not switch on lighting. The illuminated central dial ensures the switch is easy to locate in the dark.

'Soft off' and 'soft on' settings ensure gradual raising and lowering of light levels and the latter has a special feature for very low light levels, with an ultra-slow raising of light levels so that eyes have time to adjust. There is also a security mode that will switch on lighting for 2, 4 or 6 hours after dusk - and a night light setting.

Dual gang versions offer independent control of two circuits for dimming and automated controls, as well as pre-set scenes.

Green-i has been designed to be very easy to install. Each pack contains a switch with standard white fascia, two additional fascias and a remote controller. An extension pattress is also available for shallow connection boxes.

Suitable for use with tungsten halogen and GLS lamps, Green-i is fully compatible with 2-way wiring. Other products in the range include PIR occupancy detection switches and time lag switches, which can both be used with conventional fluorescent lighting.

The new TRX with retro-reflector elements have been added to ReeR's Janus Type 4 safety light curtain range with muting function. They comprise an active element, with emitter and receiver, and a passive column requiring no electrical wiring.

Two, three and four beam versions are available for access control.

These models integrate the muting function and the main safety functions, and even the muting sensors ML TRX and MT TRX feature emitters and receivers on one side and retro-reflectors on the other. Polarised light ensures best detection reliability during muting phases. These light curtains are ideal for palletiser applications.

Janus M TRX G is designed for palletising applications in which glass or any other transparent material is involved. With its special, application specific, retro-reflector muting sensors using polarised light, this innovative safety light curtain is constructed with integrated pre-installed, pre-wired and pre-aligned sensor arms providing complete reliability when detecting glass or any other transparent material.