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The range of WAGO connectors for TOPJOB®S rail-mounted terminal blocks has been expanded to include models for large conductor sizes. Installed in the jumper slot, the connectors function as pluggable power tap connectors for TOPJOB®S 2006, 2010 and 2016 Series terminal blocks.


The new larger pluggable connectors connect sub-assemblies or test circuits (e.g., electric motors), while providing power tap or power supply options for testing. Custom connector strips can also be created by snapping modular connectors together. The connector range includes spacer modules that allow individual terminal blocks to be skipped within an assembly. An optional strain relief plate (734 Series) is available and can also be fitted upon completion of assembly.


The new connectors for 10, 8 and 6 AWG (6, 10 and 16 mm2) rail-mount terminal blocks offer a current rating of 32 A and a rated voltage of 500 V for conductors up to 10 AWG (6 mm2).  By expanding the line of pluggable connectors the range of applications for WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks has been increased. Customers can add pluggable connections to their standard through connections with the flexibility of six TOPJOB®S rail-mount terminal block lines ranging from 2001 to 2016.



WAGO has expanded its range of fieldbus components for use in hazardous areas. Nearly 30 components from the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM have received both ATEX and IEC Ex certifications for temperatures up to 60°C. These components include: PROFIBUS coupler, ETHERNET controller, digital input and output modules, analog input and output modules, as well as specialty modules. With these certifications, including an extended upper-temperature range, these select WAGO components can readily serve diverse applications. For example, fieldbus technology for hazardous areas is vital to the process (corn and coal mills, bio-gas plants, cement industry) and energy management (gas and oil production facilities).


WAGO's automation system is designed for installation in non-hazardous areas or in Zone 2/22. The system integrates signals from sensors and actuators via Ex i segments in Zones 0/22 and 1/21, without additional devices, such as Zener barriers. This allows both Ex i and standard applications to be safely and economically integrated into an existing automation system.



WAGO has launched the new 2060 Series of unique one-, two- and three-pole SMD terminal blocks. Equipped with integrated pushbuttons, the 2060 Series provides easy insertion and removal of all conductor types. A total height of just 4.5 mm makes the 2060 Series ideal for both LED applications and installation in low-profile electronic components.

WAGO's extremely compact 2060 Series is ideal for surface-mount PCB applications. The SMD PCB terminal blocks feature CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology, allowing easy and time-saving push-in termination of solid conductors.

Fine-stranded conductors can be conveniently inserted via integrated pushbuttons. The 2060 Series' design pairs side-entry wiring with top-of-unit, space-saving pushbutton actuation.

WAGO’s 2060 Series features extremely low profile and light colour housings that minimise on-board LED shadowing. The SMD PCB terminal blocks have 4 mm pin spacing and can be assembled without losing any poles. This greatly reduces the number of versions required, while minimising supply, inventory and production costs.

The PCB terminal blocks are supplied in tape-and-reel packaging for fully automated assembly. The 2060 Series accommodates conductor sizes 0.2–0.75 mm2 (AWG 24–18) and is rated at 9 A, up to 320 V/2.5 kV/2 (overvoltage category II).


WAGO has expanded its MID MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS-MIDI) to include locking male connectors with snap-in flanges. Using these male connectors, panel feedthroughs for 5 – 2.5 mm panel wall thickness can now be quickly and easily implemented without screws. This saves the user valuable time and costs, as the recess in the panel is less complicated and does not require any drilled holes for anchors such as screws. As a result, the number of parts required for the feedthroughs is reduced, along with the logistics involved.

The male connectors with snap-in flanges are available with pin spacing of 5 mm, 5.08 mm, 7.5 mm and 7.62 mm and can accommodate conductor sizes of 0.08 to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 28–12). These connectors are designed for the following rated values: 12 A and up to 630 V for pin spacings of 5 and 5.08 mm and up to 1 000 V for pin spacings of 7.5 and 7.62 mm. Thanks to this wide application range, male connectors can be combined with all versions of the WAGO female connectors available on the market. This means that the function of an existing screw locking mechanism or of locking levers will be retained.



SENSOLUX solar presence detector from PEHA, provides environmentally friendly light control in private and commercial buildings; the lights are switched on when presence is detected. Once a specified light value has been reached, the lighting can be switched off, saving energy over the long term by means of a simple upgrade or retrofit. The SENSOLUX solar presence detector sets new standards in planning; the lack of any wiring or batteries reduces cable routing, plastering and painting costs considerably.

The SENSOLUX solar-presence detector derives its energy from solar cells. When fully charged, the detector can run for several days in complete darkness. The presence detector registers the presence of persons and measures the current light level. This data is sent by radio to the SENSOLUX receiver. The parameters are set on the 2-channel receiver and two series of lights can be controlled individually. For use in rooms without daylight, the presence detector can optionally be equipped with 2 alkaline batteries (AAA) with a life span of 8 to 10 years.

The user can at any time switch the lighting on or off via conventional or Easyclick radio control buttons. In semi-automatic mode, the lighting is switched on manually and switched off via the presence detector. The light-on time, light level, daylight or twilight parameters can be set in both modes.

By using EnOcean radio technology, the optimum demand-driven lighting features state-of-the-art radio technology. The SENSOLUX system offers maximum convenience and comfort when automatic and energy efficient lighting control is required.


The eWON 2101CD and 4101CD have been designed for system integrators in utilities/infrastructure projects and machine builders /OEMs. They offer full Internet access to remote PLCs or automation devices through their serial and/or Ethernet port.

Seamlessly integrated with many PLC programming environments, the routers are the perfect platform to collect data into internal tags, generate alarm notifications and buffer data into files. They also feature tunneling functions for regular or permanent Internet connection.

The eWON 2101CD and 4101CD have a built-in Web server for configuration/HMI purposes and FTP functionalities for remote download/upload of data and configuration files. They are Talk2M ready. Machine builders and OEMs, like system integrators, will use Talk2M to take full advantage of broadband or mobile Internet to remotely connect to their machines and installations worldwide. As simple as a mouse click, this web connectivity service is secured by VPN and provides reliable communication at a reasonable cost.