Since 1975 Shorrock Automation has specialised in Process Control and Factory Automation. Shorrock Automation is a leading supplier of Industrial Networking Systems, Automation Systems and Services for the Process Industries, as well as Control Systems for General Industries.

The PS-4000B from Pro-face is a built-in computer for industrial use. It is equipped with an advanced high-speed Dual Core CPU Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz which has become a standard CPU in common PCs, as well as PCI Express, a high-speed bus, in an expansion slot. With these high-speed components, PS-4000B is suited for high-performance machines such as printing machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and others which require high-speed processing of production data.

Various models are available, and some are equipped with Windows 7 the most advanced OS available. This provides an easy change of system configuration at production sites where the introduction of the same advanced OS as is being used at the office is under consideration. For network communication, a 2-port of high-speed 1 gigabit Ethernet interface provides fast communication of production information to the office, and control information to the production site.


In addition, a large heat sink and intelligent fan control contribute to a long-term use of parts, and fan-less models, which realize stable machine operation and provide significant reduction of maintenance time. Thanks to the modular structure, users can select the best option from a wide variety of models which meet their requirements, and maintenance can be performed easily from the front of the computer.



Talk2M Free is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment.  The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end. This major breakthrough facilitates easy deployment while hiding the complexity of the IT network infrastructure. 

On request or permanently (depending on the integrated modem of the eWON unit), the eWON unit establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server using a UDP or TCP HTTPS port, thereby passing through the firewall and proxy server. At the other end, the user establishes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. The Talk2M server acts as a relay to interconnect the two VPN tunnels. The information exchanged during the communication session is encrypted (128-bit SSL), and only authenticated users can connect to the eWON unit.

The free remote access tool with its plug-and-play setup provides SaaS (software as a service) hosting and is fully compliant with IT security standards.


New from CP Electronics, is the ceiling mounted EBDSPIR-DNET1, a combined passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and photocell designed to be part of a DALI network. As a DALI slave module, the EBDSPIR-DNET1 gets powered up from the DALI bus, as well as taking up one of the standard 64 addresses available on a typical DALI network.  Functioning as a presence detector, the unit returns occupancy data and the photocell provides a lux level measurement value over the DALI network back to the DALI master controller.

The sensor lens covers the PIR sensor, IR receiver, light level sensor and status LED. With a mass of only 0.1 kg , the sensor operates on  a supply voltage  of 9.5 V DC - 22.5 V DC via DALI with  a 8 mA supply current. Its terminal capacity is 2.5 mm2 (solid or stranded) and the casing material is flame retardant polycarbonate.

The detector is designed to be mounted using either flush fixing, or surface fixing, using the optional surface mounting box. The sensor is positioned so that the occupants of the room fall inside the 7 m detection zone with a recommended mounting height of 2.8 m.

The EBDSPIR-DNET1 is compliant with EMC-89/336/EEC and LVD-2006/95/EC.



WAGO’s 222 Series is now SABS compliant. The compact connectors for all types of conductors have been available on the market for some time and have proven to be indespensable to electrical installers in the field of energy and building technology. Splicing has never been easier. The user simply lifts the orange lever to open the CAGE CLAMP and insert the conductor. The lever clicks as it is lowered, actuating the CAGE CLAMP for superior connectivity. 

Lever actuators used to open or close the clamping units make the 222 Series ideally suited for the connection of lighting fixtures, sunblind and awning motors, pumps, loudspeakers, as well as door and gate controls and many other applications. 

The 5-wire connector, an addition to the 3-wire connector safely connects up to five fine-stranded conductors from 0.08 mm² (AWG 28) to 4 mm² (AWG 12) or solid and stranded conductors up to 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) using the clamping force of the spring. Wires can be connected or removed without using any tools!




The GP-3650U and GP-3600U are two 302,5 mm models from Pro-face that have been added to its range of low-reflection, high-brightness touch-screen operator interfaces. These models provide sharp and clear displays even in well-lit locations. 

Both GP-3650U and GP-3600U feature a high-brightness LCD with a LED in the backlight. These specifications provide brightness twice brighter than that of standard models. They save as much power consumption as the standard models as well as contributing to environmental friendliness. 

GP-3650U supports multimedia, and GP-3600U supports CANopen, which is a widespread network, in various industries. These models satisfy the needs from customers who want a larger display or want to display videos, such as commercial messages, or record and play footage from security cameras. 

The 142,5 mm low-reflection, high-brightness model has contributed to expanding the range of applications These include applications for special vehicles, fee-collecting machines installed in parking lots, bike parks and gas stations, chargers for electric vehicles, air-conditioning systems for outdoor use and disaster-prevention facilities installed on the roof of a building.


ReeR’s Metron automation, control and measurement light curtain can provide real time information to a PLC or PC. It is able to detect the presence or absence of objects, perform a count, detect a position, shape or profile, as well as measure dimensions.  All the operating functions are integrated into the receiver therefore Metron needs no external control unit.


Metron can be equipped with an RS-485 serial output and/or with 0 – 24 V pnp solid state outputs, through which the relevant data can be transmitted to the PC/PLC. Versions with RS-485 serial output are available and up to eight light curtains with different heights and beam spacings can be connected for multi-dimensional measurements.


Metron’s outputs and operating modes can be programmed via the Metronconf special software, supplied with each light curtain. It can be installed on any PC and it is provided with a user-friendly graphic interface.

In order to fulfil any application requirement, Metron is available in various models, having different beam spacings (resolution) of 5, 10, 25, 30, 50 and 75 mm, and with controlled heights varying from 140 mm to 2,525 m.

Metron conforms to CE - 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and  23/73/EEC Low Voltage Directive. Special customised models are available upon request.